Stuff I Found That Gave Me Feelings #1

Sometimes in the middle of my research I stumble back on my own Tumblr, or on something I’d seen before, and remember a really beautiful thing about sex I once posted on the Internet or found on the Internet or lost on the Internet.

These are articles / essays / things I found when I was working on my project that are about sex but are in no way about sex ed, and gave me feelings.

+ This image from Tumblr:

"I love this couch. We fell in love here. They tore it down."

+ “Break-Up” on This American Life, it’s episode 339:

“It’s not that we took a ton of walks, but we took some walks. I can’t say that anything of substance happened. It’s just – I don’t know.

“It’s just that there was an us.”

+ “Stuff I’ve Learned From Sleeping With Lots of Different People” on Thought Catalog:

You were the one who taught me that it was fun to hook up when you were stoned. Nothing’s better than spending a beautiful summer day at Mom’s house smoking weed and rubbing each other’s teenage bodies. Your lips felt like 1000 thread count sheets dipped in strawberry ice cream with rainbow sprinkles on top. They were many days I spent that summer just holding your body while stoned. I remember them better than I remember you. You taught me the power of hazy forgetfulness. And that most straight dudes are gay.

You were the one who taught me that I could find someone who gets it just as much as I do. And that everyone should just date their best friend. You also taught me that getting your heart broken when you’re seventeen feels like having surgery without anesthesia. I could be insane, I could act irrational. All of that had been living inside of me and you just woke it up. Lastly, you taught me that it’s possible to feel everything for someone and then slowly almost nothing.

+ “Rebound” by M.J. Corey:

“So what’s your type?” she asked. That’s what Jane Taphouse had asked me. I was learning that this was a question that mattered to lesbians. I considered Samantha and her hair and her magenta lips and her lemon yellow sundresses. I considered the butterflies I usually got when I saw a pretty girl walk like a boy. I considered how cute girls are the way their legs stick out from little skirts. I considered the girls who keep their keys on chains from the belt loops of their jeans because they’re too proud for purses and how cool it sounds when they walk.

Feels good to let that out.


One thought on “Stuff I Found That Gave Me Feelings #1

  1. I tried to sleep on the new bedding but i genuinely missed the 1000 thread count sheet set that, i had grow utilized to, after a restless night i decided to put the feather bed away so i could sleep peacefully.

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