Stuff I Found That Gave Me Feelings #2

Sometimes in the middle of my research I stumble back on my own Tumblr, or on something I’d seen before, and remember (or find) a really beautiful thing about sex I once posted on the Internet or found on the Internet or lost on the Internet.

These are articles / essays / things I found when I was working on my project that are about sex but are in no way about sex ed, and gave me feelings.

+ The art project inflatedeflated:

+ This screencap, among many others:

+ The playlist “We’re Finally Dating, Everything is Wonderful,” which I wrote at a different time in my life:

I started picking dandelions every day, because she liked dandelions and I could pick them on my way to school, or work, or home. I picked them and left them in a cup in my room. I picked them smoking cigarettes on the side of the road. I picked them all by myself, just me and a love story in 12 tracks. The perfect soundtrack. The perfect weather. The perfect feeling.

I stayed in with my records to feel a little better afterward.


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