Stuff I Found That Gave Me Feelings #3

Sometimes in the middle of my research I stumble back on my own Tumblr, or on something I’d seen before, and remember a really beautiful thing about sex I once posted on the Internet or found on the Internet or lost on the Internet.

These are articles / essays / things I found when I was working on my project that are about sex but are in no way about sex ed, and gave me feelings.

+ My coming out posts on Tumblr, including this quote from the genius book that is Coming & Crying:

“… and I flushed with humiliation, rolled away from you, and let the fan cool my face. … Later, still awake, … I scooted back to touch the top of your foot with just the heel of mine and finally fell asleep beside you.”

Erica Moore, Libertad from Coming & Crying.

+ And including this photograph, my first reblog from lez be honest and my Tumblr way of saying “guess what the fuck is up! I’m gay.”

+ And I found this:

“In the middle of an impassioned argument about the ethical implications of postmodernism/s for conceptions of lesbian identity, Monique Wittig (1994) interjected with: ‘The real questions about lesbians is now, ‘Who are we?’, but ‘How have we survived?'” (“When Jill Jacks In”)

+ I found myself weeping from the memories at one point, I think when I was writing about realizing you are someone. I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately. The Internet and realizing gay people exist, man.

i'm gonna lay around and think about you.

Images always found innocently via Tumblr. Please let me know if it’s yours!


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