No But Seriously Who is Carmen Rios

My name is Carmen Rios. You know my name, so let me remind you how. I like my full name and I like it when you don’t pronounce the last part “rye-ohs.”

I went to college with you at American University, or with your friend or cousin or sister. (Everyone’s friends go here. Seriously? Come on, y’all. I like six degrees of separation.) While I have been here, I talked to you over at Where Is Your Line?, in person and online later on at the SPARK Summit, in my numerous internships, on the (con)sensual Campaign for Consent’s tumblr – which I sometimes do since I, y’know, created the thing – and now, Autostraddle.

You’ve seen my hair before. Don’t ask if it’s real, because it is.

This blog will follow me through an academic journey analyzing sexuality, social media, and their intersections. I’m fascinated by the topic as someone who cherished her dial-up Internet at 13, still doesn’t have a smart phone, and yet maintains a fulfilling relationship with herself online. My entire life is on the Internet in a couple of segmented journals, but mostly right here with pictures of girls in sailboats. I like it that way.

I hope in the end, what I have learned is that I am not the only person who thinks of this whole worldwide web thing as pretty cool, kind of life changing, and very special. And maybe you’ll learn something, too.


3 thoughts on “No But Seriously Who is Carmen Rios

  1. So, I’m standing behind the bar here at looking glass engaged in internet stalking for the first time since high school. Excellent times. Derica wants me to tell you she’s kind of sorry if she scared you. And I’m sorry for profiling. My b, my b.

    You don’t have to tip all crazy if you don’t have a real job, ya know. come back some day and we will give you the anarchist/activist discount!

  2. Carmen, I understand you’re an activist against rape.

    I would stretch myself so much as to say, you’re only a partial expert, as rapes do not happen only in one part of the world. What kind of research/activism do you have to show/have info on, when it comes to India? One of the largest populations in the US, yet struggling very badly to keep women safe as home. Every woman traveler in India will tell you how bad the experience was. Rape is always an imminent threat, in the most unlikely and safest of places (like Mumbai, for example).

    What is your research on this?

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